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The introduction of electronic document management in banks

Any bank activity involves working with internal documents, which must be done rapidly and without any delay. This is the only way the financial institution can perform an effective job.

Improving the efficiency of work in public (govermental) institutions

The structure of public institutions is very complex and has a huge document flow volume. This document flow can be divided into external (incoming and outgoing correspondence) and internal, which includes orders, memos and documents related to the planning of staff, as well as several other types of documents.

Banking automation

The organization`s activities related to financial issues requires to fix any operation in a documentary from. Naturally, the activity in the field of banking services is not an exception.

Report for courses of electronic managemen system is opened

Double B Inc. opens records for training of management and optimization of business processes using an integrated electronic document management system bb workspace

'Creeping revolution' in the system of paper record keeping to EMS

Using EMS helps to significantly reduce time and financial costs of record keeping.

Quality Control Implementation over the Task Execution

Timely execution of projects and tasks always plays an important role in the building of the company's image in all spheres of activities. it is important to notice that in large enterprises and organizations, where there could be several performers of the same task, the problem of quality control could be rather challenging.

What can be expected of introduction of electronic document management system bb workspace

The efficiency of management of any company, any organization depends on a clear and coherent work of all its structures primarily

EDS is convinient, simple and profitable!

Analytical studies show the efficiency of using EDS in different organizations with different activity profiles and different level of state importance.

The futures of electronic management system emplementation

Implementation of electronic document system improves the efficiency of any company or organization, discipline staff whose duty is a timely response to receipt of documents of a certain type and gives absolute control over the execution of certain documents.

Why isn't it possible to automate workflow in the enterprise

Every competent manager is aware that the workflow is need to be changed in something, otherwise it will be impossible to deal effectively with everyday issues.

Increase of document flow efficienly with the help of bb workspace

In every large company there is a continuous movement of documents from the time of registration until making a decision or giving a response.

The system of good governance bb workspace - office of the future today!

There is no office today that can be emagined without the bulk of documents. Incoming and outgoing correspondence, internal orders and various reports - is a mandatory component of any business. This is true especially in the Government and Financial structures, where the ongoing monitoring of compliance with deadlines and timely fulfillment of orders and instructions is wery important.

The transition from paper to electronic document management

Despite of the fact that a paper record keeping is already far in the past, the modern companies solve the problem of efficiency of electronic document management in keeping a low cost of productivity of the user who is not very computer literate.

Attractive interface

Interview with the general Director of Double B Inc., Gromov V.E.

Implementation of EDS is a confident step forward future improvements

The existing system of document flow in bb workspace allows to automate the whole process of record keeping and control the process by a person who is not very proficient in knowledge of computer technology.

Office automation and workflow

Record keeping - is a job with paper documents in the company, which includes certain features.

The need for automated document management

Increasingly, companies engaged in various spheres of activity, try to increase the efficiency by electronic document management. But to appreciate all the benefits of electronic document management is possible only on their own experience.

The problems of the implementaiton of electronic document flow

The process to automate the document flow process can be long and has its own problems

The effectivness of implementing of document flow

Nowadays the automation of document flow is implementing rapidly in small and medium-size companies.

Implementing the document flow

The choice of the system which is easy to set up, expand and scale and at the same time easy to use, have an ergonomic user interface, is a guarantee of the successful and rapid implementation.

The effectiveness of the implementation of document flow

Nowadays, you can hardly find at least one successful company where staff works with paper documents.

An implementation plan

The implementation of any innovations starts from the decision making of the management of the company and not from the staff training or analysis of the situation.

ECM to sell

To sell a ECM means to help the client to choose the most convenient for the client's need system and not to force him to buy something that he doesn't need.

Free system for electronic document management

The choice of electronic document is a long and hard task. It can take months to study the system and the, eventually, the chosen system doesn't work as it was expected.

Electronic document flow

The growing number of documents in every company leads to increases in time and material costs. Modern It technologies offer solution with the help of electronic document flow.

Electronic archive provides improvinf of the efficiency of the organization

The number of electronic documents can be enormous during the year. In order not to slower their search because of instantly growing database bb workspace keep archived documents for each calendar year in a separate folder. This allows to increase the speed of document search even after several year of bb workspace operation.

Basic document flow rules

Document flow determines not only the steps of proceeding the document but the proceeding speed as well. The document flow will be effective only under certain rules.

Electronic document management systems

Effective business management depends on the organization of document flow management. Therefore, the informational image of the company will depend on the electronic document management system of your choice.

Electronic documentflow technologies

Electronic document flow technologies allow to save time and money. It depends only on you how long will it take to manage document flow in your company.

Office automation for small business

The decision to implement the document flow automation right now while the volume of document flow in your company is not enormous yet is a smart decision which will help you in future when your company becomes the leader in the field.

The system of document flow

the system of document flow solves an important task of instant control of document flow, objectively reflects the activities of the organization and allows to manage effectively. Mountains of waste paper, long search of documents, losses, delays, duplicates, human errors - this is not a complete list of difficulties which you meet without the system of effective document management.

The secrets of correct implemantation of the system of elctronic document flow- take into consideration the human factor

Implementation of EMS is a serious step that requires efforts of the entire team, but it worth it.

Technological innovations for a middle-size bank business development

A middle-size bank business has distinctive features: on the one hand, it is expected to be fast and flexible in decision-making, which is not characteristic for a large bank; from the other hand, a middle-size bank cannot make decisions 'manually', as a small-size bank can.

Optimizing the document flow management

While studying the result of SED implementation you will notice that the overall productivity of your company has been increased and the expenses have been decrease and there is best performance of contractual obligations.

Electronic document flow system

The system of electronic document flow should have high ergonomic of its interface to meet modern demands. This interface should be oriented on a beginner level PC user. So far only ZAO Double B was able to solve this task, that's to say to combine user friendly interface of its software with complex software with STP-though processing technology (Straight-Through Processing), with the implementation of BPM-system (Business Performance Management) functions.

Automation of document flow and business processes

To automate the document flow companies use the software the system for document management.

The implementation of the system of electronic document flow

SED helps to reduce the deadlines thanks to decrease of the time spent on document flow management, automation of preparation of different analytic reports, increase discipline.

The advantages of system of electronic document flow

It's been a long time we talk about the necessity to implement the system of electronic document flow, but what are the real advantages of it?

The implemantation of electronic document flow to increase the competitiveness of the company in the market

Nowadays, the IT-technologies are implementing more and more in different companies. Many companies have automated electronic systems to automate certain fields of their processes.

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