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Specific details of Document Flow in Governmental Organizations and Its Automation

The structure of governmental organizations and of the path of, for example, request from an individual as well as any other incoming document is quite compilcated and thus requires a precise control of timely execution.

BB workspace system allows to bring your business on a new level

Transfering documents onto electronic form allows not only to minimize the search of the document but also to automatecally trabsfer the data from one document to another, modify related documentsm create summary reports, internal documents and archives.

Personal management

It is not every system will be able to meet the needs of customers, it can be either not informative or rather inertial.

Management System

Management system is usually understood as a complex of organizational and technological maesures which may be subordinate (compisite) systems.

Enterprise Management

The efficiency of enterprise management on whole depends on the execution of each step of the project.

Organization Management

Organization management is in many aspects similar to enterprise management, but has its oen characterictics which include


Management activities combine a number of activities performed by regulatory and administration documents within the company/organization/institution.

Management technology

Management technology is largely determined by production technology and good/service sale and is aimed to ensure the continuity and control of processes.

Company management

Company management, depending on the specifics ans size of the business, practically does not differ from

Managerial Accounting

Managerial accounting - is primarily an internal accounting, which is regulated only by internal orders of top management. The data and results of management accounting is a commercial secret and it can not be communicated to representatives of government or other bodies except the cases that are specifically stipulated by the legislation.

Enterprise management system

It is rather hard to imagine any modern company without using computer technology.

Enterprise automation

Enterprise automation means first of all automation of routine work processes which are essential for the life cycle of products.

Business automation

Business automation includes a number of questions and tasks that must be solved before starting work.

Document flow automation with the help of SED

Paperless document flow doesn't demand consumables or bulky archives. The proceeding of any document becomes fast and transparent.

Improvement of performance discipline and efficiency of using work time with the help of automation of administrative activity

Improvement of performance discipline and efficiency of using work time with the help of automation of administrative activity.

Effective management

Any company, enterprise, firm or state institution activity depend directly on effective management which includes such tasks as naming of executors and control on the timely execution of orders, letters or any other job during the entire work phase.

Optimization of enterprise maangement

To be effective the enterprise of any level requires the use of human resources. it is natural that with the increased volume of tasks the number of employees also increases which leads to mistakes and disrespect of deadlines.

Company's optimization

It can happen that the volume of document flow in the enterprise seem to be low, but the employees know how long it takes to proceed it.

Middle-sized bank development

In order to attract and retain customers middle-sized banks try to implement new banking products and technological innovations.

The relevance of banking activities automation

Banking activities always have a number of specific features, the most important one is the high responsibility along with high standards towards decision making speed.

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