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Enterprise cost acounting processes

The successful operation of any enterprise depends primarily on the availability and transparency of budgetary processes which must be clear on the management level. It's not a secret that even the use of automation systems of accounting in the common way gives quite a few opportunities to a specialist who is not trained to conduct a full analysis and to make a decision.

The Budget

The budget is a strategic financial plan that may be prepared for a year, a quarter or a month. There are several phases: from planning and coordination to execution and control. Consolidated budgets can be prepared for a period of 3-20 years.

The Budget of the Company

The budget of the company is an essential tool for a successful business development. The final aim of the budget of the company is to reach long-term goals.

The Budget of the Organization

The budget of the organization is an essential tool for a successful business development. The final aim of the budget of the organization is to reach long-term goals.

The Budget of the Enterprise

The budget of the enterprise is an essential tool for a successful business development. The final aim of the budget of the enterprise is to reach long-term goals.

Cost and revenue estimaiton

Cost and revenue estimation (or revenue and expenditures budget) is the first document in the list of the main budget which reflects the operational activities of the company. This document shows the effectiveness of covering operational costs by the income of sales.

Revenue and Expenses Budget

Revenue and expenses budget (or expenses and revenue budget) is the first document in the main budget which reflects the operating activity of the company, showing its effectiveness in covering production costs by the sale of the product and the services, is the profitability of the company.


Budgeting is a management technology, the base of financial discipline. The budgeting is used to increase the responsibility of different levels managers for the financial results achieved by their departments.

Budgeting process

The budgeting process is the process of careful work on all regulations and procedures for budget execution and control, which depends on motivation of the management and the qualification level of the staff responsible for budgeting.

Budget system

Budget system. This term is sometimes understood as an automated system for planning and control of the budget, but budget system is first of all a tool to rule limited resources used to achieve the strategic goals of the company and includes a range of activities related to planning and control of budget execution.

Budget execution and control over it

Budget execution is closely linked to the necessity of getting the information fast and in time to ensure effective interaction between the financial departments.

Budget planning

The budget planning is usually done on a 'already achieved' principle and begins with the production rather than implementation.

Budget program

The budget program includes the strategy of financial and economic activity, but it also often refers to the software for work with the budget - 'program to work with the budget'.

The budgeting system

The budgeting system includes, as a rule, several components.

Budget points

Budget points can be practically any, but as a rule they are divided on two main parts: 'Income' and 'Expenses', that's why the most common term is 'Income and Expenses Budget'.

Structure of budget

The structure of the budget is intended to create a hierarchy of budget articles

To optimize the finance management with bb budget

Proper budget and financial document flow management provides profit and success for a company. It has long passed away the time when the scores, calculator, and then Excel tables, were the major financial instrument.

Download budget (to download budgeting system)

You can download the budgeting system for automation the planning process from our site for free.

The automation of business budgeting and control of financial flows based on the software package bb workspace

The success of any company depends on both carefully and conveniently planned budget and control over its execution. Equally important for the success is how fast any issues of financial operations are solved. No less importance has the simplicity of any financial and accounting documents preparation.

Optimization of the organizational budget

Wide possibilities of process automation will be useful for both small company and large enterprise. bb budget provides the possibility of flexible adjustment and scale up by any organizational needs.

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