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Purpose of the visual layer bb crm

Visual layer bb crm for free allows to do the following:

  • Building a unified database of contractors and clients, the most closely describes the counterparty and the history of the relationship with him, with ample opportunities of forming groups, keeping track of important events in the lives of members of the counterparty;
  • Creation of a single contact center, enabling to organize communication with contractors or customers, while based on information gathered on the monitor screen of the operator is given timely information about the counterparty or customer, the last contact with him, there is a reminder of the need to make call or any other action;
  • Planning relationships with clients, the formalization of business processes associated with the involvement of contractors and customer retention, analysis and planning staff in this area;
  • Automation of analysis of groups; profitability channels promote the products and services, planning and monitoring workload and performance of staff;
  • Formation of targeted programs to work with groups of counterparties and customers on the basis of centralized data collection and analysis of model production and financial needs and personal expectations and stereotypes;
  • Automation conducting marketing research for major groups of counterparties, potential customers and competitors, with a set of tools for preparing and conducting marketing surveys and mailing of promotional materials;
  • Securing the base contracting organization. Departure of key employees does not deprive the organization of information about contacts with the relevant part of the book.

Customer Status reflect the stage of effective marketing on the world of technology AIDA (Attention, interest, desire, action): attention, interest, desire, action. AIDA - the method of working with clients in stages in order to induce them to buy goods or services. The development of this marketing tool is the process AIDCAS - abbreviation added to the first letters of the english words for: the conviction and satisfaction.

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