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The relevance of banking activities automation

Banking activities always have a number of specific features, the most important one is the high responsibility along with high standards towards decision making speed. This, for sure, makes the deadlines of decision making and document management very short. Receiving payments and deposits from individuals, service for enterprises, loans, - all of these every day banking tasks must be performed fast and accurate; the competition in this field is very high nowadays.

Taking this into consideration, bank always do their best to use the newest technologies of automation and we can say that the level of automation in banks is much higher than that in other industries. Banks were the first who started to use electronic mail to speed the document flow between branches, most of then successfully use  digital signatures and different electronic document management systems including there own ones.

We should understand, however, that email application solves the problem of document flow only partially. The document search is not fast ans easy enough in all mail systems, moreover, not all of them are reliable and fast enough. It is obvious that effective work for automation of document flow is possible only using specialized systems.

It should be mentioned that there are a number of such systems, but most of them have serious drawbacks, including certain complicity to implement and to train users and in conducting simple operations.

We recommend you to check on the software developped by Double B Inc. This software is intended for automation of electronic document management and many other tasks and applications for automation of company's activities. In order to better understand the capabilities of this software we should see some of the major software modules or, as they are commonly named, layers that address the main tasks, namely:

  • The bb docflow layer is designed to fully automate all the tasks of internal and external document flow of the bank. It allows to quickly execute accordance of any document by several employees, to control the deadlines, prepare documents from templates, for example to prepare a notification letter to all clients about the raise of the interest rate.
  • The bb budget layer in an internal tool for recording and monitoring the financial activity. It allows to receive recent data on all financial activities and to manage them. The broad possibilities of the software to build different analytical financial reports in real time will help the bank to analyze the business and to avoid mistakes.
  • The bb crm layer is a tool to work with client database and with contractors; and any bank (even a small one) has several thousand. Detail information about the client is always available, including not only contact information, but also any other data needed for a certain task. For example, for individuals, it can be credit history information or notes made by security.
  • The bb staff layer is an internal tool of automation of human resources activities. A simple and coherent way to represent the  structure of the enterprise makes it possible to quickly and accurately solve any problems of human resources and to control the structure of the enterprise with maximum efficiency.

It is worth noting that the speed of any administrative action can be dramatically increased when using the bb workspace managing system. This allows to greatly accelerate the document floe and to increase the speed and quality of the work of the bank with the clients.

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