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Improvement of performance discipline and efficiency of using work time with the help of automation of administrative activity

Of cause it is hard to surprise someone with work stations equipped with computers, but sometimes it is not properly used to solve strategic goals. At best, the employees use simple organizer and several specialized programs, at worth, computer is used as a typing machine and all documents are stored in one folder.

No wonder that with such work management it is possible to miss important meeting, to forget to call back the client or to complete the report. This 'forgetfulness' is unacceptable and can cause unflattering opinion about the company. The question is not really in financing of the automation, anyway, the company will have to spend a certain amount on it. The question is in making a good choice of the system. There are several systems on the market, but they can cause two different opinions. Either it is very complicated that instead of increasing the effectiveness of the company it may cause its reduction, or it is so primitive that will not allow to control all key problems of the company.

However, there is one system of effective management which was developed by Double B Inc. and is called bb workspace. it is very simple in implementation and at the same time it allows to solve practically all tasks of document flow automation, planning, control and other tasks. it is worth noting that the system can prepare reports with the help of existing templates based on the information it has and with the help of bb report generator. It can also prepare different reports, including those that help to analyze the participation of the staff in solving different tasks (time management).

With all the volume of tasks bb workspace can solve, it is very simple in use thanks to its unique interface. All areas are divided on so-called visual layers and all the necessary information to work with a certain layer is always available. You don't need to search the information in endless labyrinths of system menus as it is in other products.

it is worth noting that the system of automation in bb workspace is built on the base of client-server technology which provides reliable protection of information, its security. The system can be easily extended on any number of users including remote access to the system's database with the help of Internet. This can greatly increase the productivity of the company, if the company consists of several branches, for example in banking systems or retail. Anyway, if the management feels that the company needs an upgrade in its document flow management, bb workspace is one of the few software solution that can change the situation for better.

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