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A new version of the bb workspace effective management system is available - 06.235

Table 1. Feature updates

From version To version Installing the update
06.232 from 2023-09-28 06.235 from 2023-10-25

In order to guarantee the quality of delivered systems updates, update files "Effective management system bb workspace" only available "Centre automatic update bb update " under account level technical support Standard or VIP.

The necessary update files in the form of electronically signed JSC "Double B" (bbsoftware.ru, Double B in english.) Self-extracting archives *.exe loaded "Center automatic update bb update" (bbupdate.exe) site bbsoftware.ru. To successfully download self-extracting archives with the system upgrade, the network administrator needs to advance to establish a trusted connection to the site developer.

For the correct of the procedure updates libraries, executables and services, startup bbupdate.exe must be run directly to the server exclusively for server administrator account.

Table 2. Corrected inconsistencies

Visual layer Number of situation Description of the situation
bb docflow 6266 In the substitution mode, when using the tree tabs "By counterparty" and "By item nomenclature", an SQL error of the form "Incorrect syntax" occurred.
6281 A classified document could be opened for viewing from a child task through the Connections tab. In this version, the security classification of the current user was not checked, including taking into account the nesting of security classifications (the DSP classification does not have access to the CONFIDENTIAL classification, but the presence of the CONFIDENTIAL classification of the user provides access to documents with the DSP classification as well).
bb tuning 6287 In the Conditions form, it is now possible to leave the "Cost center - employee" field empty by selecting the empty line (the first one in the list).
Utilities 6282 In order to correctly display the names of files created using a template, in the mechanism for generating the names of files created using a template, the “@” sign is replaced with an underscore “_”.

Table 3. Implemented functionality

Visual layer Number of situation Description of the situation
bb docflow 6265 The response speed of the bb docflow visual layer has been increased 10 times due to refactoring of the program code responsible for loading and displaying entries in the registry.

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