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News for 2016 year
09.11.2016: Android, iOS and Windows 10 - new interfaces for work in the EDMS bb workspace

The use of smartphones running Android, iOS and Windows10 significantly enhanced capabilities of managers and top managers working with complex EDMS bb workspace

04.04.2016: Notice of change of name Double B: the legal form of "ZAO" is replaced by "PAO"

In connection with the requirements of the Federal Law 99-FZ of 05.05.2014 "On Amendments to Chapter 4 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and Invalidating Certain Provisions of Legislative Acts of the Russian Federation", to inform you of a change to the April 4, 2016 here company and legal address.

22.03.2016: VTB Registrar maintains the register of shareholders of "Double B" (Moscow)

VTB Group represented by VTB Registrar won a closed competition for the provision of integrated services of registered securities holders of "Double B", one of the leading developers in the CIS market. Total participated in a closed competition top five registrars of the Russian market.

09.02.2016: The application for email bb outlook published in Microsoft Office Store

Plugin bb outlook - the latest development of Double B Inc. is officially presented by the September 2015 conference, Windows Camp - published in the Microsoft Office Store. Mini program to work in the mail agent is free.

21.01.2016: Peculiarities of Using the bb outlook Mail Plug-In When Working with the bb workspace EDS

In September 2015 at the 4th Windows Camp Conference which brought together the leading developers of the Microsoft software, Double B Company presented a special cross-platform bb outlook plug-in for work with bb workspace EDS directly in the Outlook Web App (OWA) mail agent. This bb outlook plug-in is one of the mini-program categories that widen functional opportunities of the main system decisions for use in Microsoft software environment.

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