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Only we give 100% guarantee of your investment
Your espenses on our software will be covered while using the system. Only we give 100% guarantee that any edition of the document management system bb workspace will benefit your company. Otherwise we just return your money. See Cost-effectiveness of comprehensive document management system bb workspace.

Key aspects:

1. Only our projects have deserved the highest estimate at the highest level. Watch an extract from the speech of the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev at his annual report to the Federal Assembly.
2. Only we give 100% guarantee on software, designed for comprehensive workflow automation ("traditional" SED offers the simple "patchwork" automation).
3. We use our own code.
4. Advertising costs on our software are minimal. Only deserved software is wide spread due ti its reputation, and only our customers do not pay for an aggressive advertising and the air.
5. If you find better price for the comprehensive document management system, we will promptly return you the difference in price.

Only our company 100% sure in possibilities of bb workspace system and can guaratee you the most attractive comprehensive document management system prices.

Choose your edition of the comprehensive document management system bb workspace: Bank Business, Corporate Business and Government Service.

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