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Positive results of work of the company Double B in 2017 (Moscow)

The outgoing year 2017 for the developer company Double B was productive and profitable. The number of customers and users of the EDMS bb workspace in various publications has increased.

In 2017, the automation of document management was the most popular in the banking sector, a publication for credit organizations Bank Business once again positively proved itself and is selected by banks to replace previously existing, less efficient office automation and budgeting software.

Also the positive dynamics of development shows the publication of the EDMS bb workspace for government agencies - Government Service. Several new forms of reporting on the control of the performing discipline in 2017 were issued.

Along with the demands of the time and the growing volume of workflow for the customers of Double B, customers, the performance of the bb workspace has also increased.

Other editions of the complex electronic document management system bb workspace, also continue to attract the attention of potential customers, namely: Accounting Service - for audit and accounting services, Atomic Service - for the nuclear industry, Auto Business - for car dealerships and technical centers, Building Industry - for construction, Chemical Industry - for the chemical industry, Communal Service - for utilities and utilities, Corporate Business - for corporations and holdings, Culture Service - for cultural institutions and theaters, Education Service - for education, Energy Industry - for energy, Factory Industry - for factories and factories, Food Industry - for the food industry, Green Technology - for green technologies and nature protection, Hotel Service - for hotels and holiday homes, Instrumentation Industry - for instrumentation, Insurans Service - for insurance, IT Business - for information technology, Legal Service - for legal services, Logistic Service - for logistics and transportation, Management Service for management companies, Medical Service - for health and medical institutions, Military Industry - for the military-industrial complex, Oil Industry - for the oil and gas industry, Party Assambly - for political parties and associations, Plant Industry - for agriculture, Religious Ceremony - for religion and religion, Science Practice - for science, Small Business - for small businesses, Sport Life - for sports clubs and institutions, Steel Industry - for metallurgy and production of metal products, Telecommunication - for telecommunications and communication, Trade Business - for trading, Travel Business - for the travel business, Trust Service - for trust management.

Let the departing 2017 leave only warm memories! With best regards, your reliable developer, Double B!

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