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Peculiarities of Using the bb outlook Mail Plug-In When Working with the bb workspace EDS

In September 2015 at the 4th Windows Camp Conference which brought together the leading developers of the Microsoft software, Double B Company presented a special cross-platform bb outlook plug-in for work with bb workspace EDS directly in the Outlook Web App (OWA) mail agent.
This bb outlook plug-in is one of the mini-program categories that widen functional opportunities of the main system decisions for use in Microsoft software environment.

Who the bb outlook plug-in is meant for?

This new multiplatform plug-in by Doublr B Co is an easy and comfortable instrument which allows to work with bb workspace those employees that are on a business trip, journey or on holidays, away from their regular working site. To coordinate the documents in Outlook, it's enough to use any mobile device, Android smartphones, iPhone, iPad, Windows phoye. In this case bb outlook plug-in allows to coordinate, vis a not logged-in Exchange server, accounts in Outlook, to work with documents, goals and payment orders.

Main requirements for using the bb outlook plug-in

To install and operate the bb outlook plug-in you need:

  • Exchange server: company (2013 version and up) or company O365 subscribe
  • RestFull API server managed by IIS (version 7 and up)
  • Actual Windows 2008R2 version
  • Internet Explorer 9 and up with upgraded security system
  • Outlook 2013 mail clienet or up/Outlookk Online

Correct work of the outlook plug-in is supported by the BBOutlookManifest.xml file which configurates with IIS and is installed on Exchange server. The plug-in can be installed by easy step-by-step algorithm, offered by the Double B specialists.

How does the bb outlook operate?

The bb outllok plug-in is a particular connecting element between the bb workspace system installed in a company and the mobile device of an employee. All messages about documents, goals and accounts due to the executive's approval appear in his/her mail agent.

The MS Outlook/OWA interface on receiving a notification or a reminder from bb workspace, appears as a plug-in bb outlook line on a monitor. To actively operate with the object in need (e.g. account card, document, goal), an employee has to follow the link and undergo the authentification. Afterwards the monitor of his/her gadget will show a financial or document card in a particular format and the user will be appropriate to act directly in the MS Outlook interface, according to a particular document script order.

For instance, the following buttons are available to operate a cars 'Agree', 'Disagree', 'Abstain', 'Cancel', plus some space for comments.

Advantages in working with the bb outlook plug-in

The bb outlook plug-in substantially widens operation opportunities with documents, goals, accounts and therefore speeds up managing decision.

  • Any executive can coordinate financial and document cards originated in bb workspace from any place in the word, through his mobile gadget with the installed MS Outlook mail agent
  • It is a convenient functional way to coordinate accounts, goals,documents, similar to work with financial and document cards on the bb worspace ECM-platform
  • It saves the time for operating documents and speeds up managing decisions, that highly effect competitiveness of the company on the market
  • With minimal requirements on hard and software it gives an easy, friendly and convenient algorythm of installation and bb outlook plug-in tuning
  • Compatability of this plug-in with the bb worspace platform as well as with other corporative EDS systems needs only adaptation supported by Double B company

Initially the new bb outlook plug-in leads to an effective extension of functional bb worspace opportunities and adaptation to mobile life style of employees

Our VIP-level technical support customers can get and install this new bb outlook plug-in free of charge.

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