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Inter-institutional document flow according to GOST
bb workspace is implemented the upload of the documents according to GOST R 53898-2010 "Interaction of electronic document management".

To correctly upload the organization data, it is necessary to match the card of the organization, made in the visual layer bb crm, in the visual layer bb staff at the root of the branch structure.  The upload is done in the visual layer bb docflow by the right click on the shortcut menu "extract to XML" and the directory of the document is specified.

The document and the information are uploaded in full compliance with GOST R 53898-2010. XML file contains meta data about the registration number of the document <regnumber>, the date of registration <regdate>, the organization <organizationonly>. Also, in 64-bit the file, for example in Microsoft Word format, is uploaded in tag <doctransfer>. The information about the owner who has a right of digital signature, is uploaded in tag <privatepersonwithsign>.

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