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Expanding the geography of users of the integrated EDMS bb workspace

So since the beginning of 2021, the number of bb workspace system licenses sold has exceeded 1000, including new happy users of the system. And they are happy that the bb workspace EDMS has met their highest expectations both from the user-friendly interface and from the functionality that extends into space. Since only in the bb workspace system is implemented and works harmoniously at the intersection of advanced technologies, internal document management and budgeting on a single platform. It is well known that only a single platform provides a continuous cycle of information processing of non-financial and financial documents, easy to administer, configure and maintain the software product.

If you still do not use our system to automate your daily routine, we recommend that you pay attention to it.

The bb workspace system is implemented with a significant margin of safety, so even after 10 years, videos about our system on YouTube still do not lose their relevance.

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