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The city administration Protvino concludes a municipal contract for technical support of the EDMS bb workspace in the Government Service Edition (Moscow region)

In the course of the work of the City of Protvino, new challenges and tasks are constantly arising, aimed at increasing the efficiency and productivity of labor in every workplace. The system, which is involved in all workplaces in the city of Protvino, is a complex electronic document management system bb workspace in the industry edition Government Service, which is in operation from 2010 to the present.

The bb workspace system has significantly outperformed its time and therefore still has a substantial reserve of technological strength and innovation that is absent in other EDMS. Innovation of the system is achieved both through a one-window client-oriented user interface, and at the level of using the Microsoft SQL Server database when working with both operational data and archive data that are stored in separate databases for each calendar year.

As of 2017, a municipal contract was concluded between PJSC "Double B" and the City of Protvino to provide services for maintaining, updating and implementing the new functionality of the bb workspace electronic document management system at the "Standard" level.

In the course of the operation of the bb workspace in 2017, the administration of the city of Protvino plans to use new functionality for the coordination of working documents, including the possibility of importing data on appeals into the section "Results of consideration of applications" of the information resource of the ., improving the quality and quantity of the analytical reporting of the Administration.

Efforts of the parties to the municipal contract are aimed at achieving the most effective level in the approaches to automating the workflow of the City Administration when approving any types of documents.

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