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Critical factors in the interaction with contractors

Often, the results and profits of the enterprise depend not only on the correct decisions taken, but also on correct technical support. However, ignoring of seemingly minor details can damage business reputation and ruin the work done earlier.

Taking into consideration the details is particularly important while building relationships between different organizations. What are the key factors in this case:

  1. Commitment and discipline. The obligation taken should be fulfilled in full and in time. If there are any unforseen circumstances affecting the terms and deadlines, the question of possible delay must be discussed with the contractor.
  2. Clarity and efficiency. Negotiations, correspondence, discussions and decisions must be fast and clear for both parties.
  3. Respect. Often, in tough competition building of relationships on a personal level is as crucial as the economic benefits of business cooperation. Identification of client's needs, birthday card for clients lead, up-to-date data base can be your 'secret weapon' of success.
  4. Strict confidentiality, data base protection. Contract details, client's data base must be highly protected from possible 'leakage' to competitors and the data base itself from 'dissapearing' with one of your former staff responsible for its maintenance.

These requirements are rather easy to perform in a small organization with a small number of clients. But what if you are the leader in your industry and you have hundreds, even thousands of partners and clients? in this case the best way out is to automate the relationships. For example, the complex system for effective management bb workspace not only keep information about each contractor, but also do a follow up of all stages of the contract. With the help of bb workspace any emplyee of the complany will easily find the necessary information on time and the manager will be able to control every stage of pertner interaction abd take effective management decisions.

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