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2006.03.01 - Comment Agency NORA Real Estate

Agency NORA Real Estate works in real estate since 1992, helping customers deal with a difficult housing issues. The agency has licensed  by the Moscow Government № 168 and the Ministry of Property Relations of the Moscow Region number 00806 / 5 for the right of property sales, as well as certificate № ROSS RU RGR 77.0109 OS installed in compliance with National Standards. The agency is one of the first members of professional associations. The agency is developing dynamically, and today its activities covers virtually all segments of the real estate market.

The increased volume of  the information handled in Agency  has caused to streamline information flow, increase the rate of formation and processing, service quality and performance of staff. For the obvious reasons, this purpose could be reached by automation of the main business processes.

Since specifics of any real estate agents associated with processing a large volume of documents, the experts of our agency began to search the most suitable software in sphere of electronic document circulation.There were  analyzed 30 different software products in the field of electronic document management and specialists of the Agency made a difficult choice in favor of the modern and complex software - "operational management system CORPORATE BUSINESS " production BB Software Co. Especially in the system was awarded ergonomic user interface, combined with broad functionality, which failed to detect more than in any of the currently available on the market of electronic document management systems.

According to experts of Agency  "Nora Real Estate", more dignity selected system is its versatility, which is its multifunctionality, which expresses available several automated areas (DOCFLOW, STAFF, CRM, BUDGET), each has its purpose, at the same time complements the other, as the result is a balance of all business processes at minimal cost to the process of automation.

One of the advantages of  "operational management system CORPORATE BUSINESS" is rather simple implementation - this product does not need to install any additional software on the computer of the user. Experts of Agency were pleasantly surprised and pleased that the system is tightly integrated with Microsoft Office products in all versions, thanks to which creates a certain comfort in the work of users, among whom there are those who have installed Windows'98 and those who use Windows XP.

Since standard resources of Microsoft give us  an opportunity to work with CORPORATE BUSINESS on the Internet, we are very pleased that now all employees, not only the main office, but our branches located in five different districts of Moscow, may work in a unified information space and to respond to the motion each document inside our network.

The process of implementation of the system did not require much time. Creating document templates and setting routes documents took place with the help of specialists BB Software Co., Which we are grateful for their work.

The  first steps of maintenance of  "operational management system CORPORATE BUSINESS"  in the Agency  "Nora Real Estate" showed excellent results:

o Document circulation was clearly structured;
o The processing of all documents, user-friendly functions of the system allowed to make transparent to users;
o Using templates that are integrated into CORPORATE BUSINESS, managed to reduce the effort required for the preparation of various sets of documents;
o Significantly reduce the time to find the necessary information on any document that allowed more time for other subjects of the main activity;
o Business  self-esteem of employees at each workplace increased, that positively affected the quality of service to all clients of the Agency;

We are completely satisfied with the ergonomics and functionality of  "operational management system CORPORATE BUSINESS" as the most modern electronic document management system. According received results of operation, we can recommend CORPORATE BUSINESS for implementation in each organization, in which there are tasks:

1. Increasing the efficiency of internal work;
2. Improvement of quality of communications both within the organization and working with clients.

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