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2006.02.01 - Comment Rekro

In light of modern information technology, there has been brought on the agenda the attention to the question of office automation and business processes  back in 2005, in Company "REKRO".

The specificity of construction activities of REKRO imposes certain requirements document, so the choice provider of software product is done with special care and attention to the problems that confronted the company "REKRO".

For several months, our experts studied the market for electronic documents. As a result, much has been done and analyzed more than 20 software products, of which only "operational management system CORPORATE BUSINESS" granted to all, the most important indicators, namely:

1. Comfortable ergonomic user interface;
2. Industrial storage architecture that allows to store data for different years in separate databases, Microsoft SQL Server;
3. Optimal performance with increasing number of users and  growth of the processed information;
4. Ability to configure different routing schemes, control of documents and developed warning mechanisms;
5. Built-in contextual search for the files involved in the electronic document management;
6. Integration with Microsoft applications WORD and EXCEL;
7. Possibility of usage certified encryption tools of information.

The ability to use CORPORATE BUSINESS will allow our organization to increase the volume of work (design operations included), without increasing staff and, consequently, to consider increasing the wages of our  employees. We recommend CORPORATE BUSINESS for use in the construction organization and management.

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