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Installation of the system on server
it is required to enter login and password to access SQL Server while installing the System for effective management bb workspace. Where can we get these login and password?

The password for a user account "sa" is defined at the time of Microsoft SQL Server installation and therefore the only one who knows it is the person who installed the SQL Server.

How to restore the operational and archival databases dumps manually?

it is always possible to install (or to move on another server) the System for effective management bb workspace database manually. Follow two steps to do this. First, restore the operational and archival databases with Enterprise Manager and second, specify the path to operational and archival databases in the configuration utility bbconfig.exe

Is it necessary to install any additional application server to work with the System for effective management bb workspace?

No, it is not necessary. The System for effective mamagement bb workspace is oriented on a close intergation with Microsoft (SQL Server and MS Office). There is no any need to use application server.

Why does the system sometimes work slow?

Our experts have found that when you use more than 8 simbols server name, connection to the core Database Engine considerably slows. It is recommended, to use not more than 8 simbols server name, or while connecting to SQL Server use the IP-address of the server.

Why doesn't the program installes by default and shows an error: The operating system returned the error "5 (Access is denied.)" when trying to "RestoreContainer:: ValidateTargetForCreation" to "C: \ Program Files \ bb software \ OPERATIVE.mdf"?

This error occurs because of non-compliance with human rights at the system level to the sql user account. To address this situation at the time of installation, specify the path "C: \ bb software \"

Why work with Assistant installation bbinstall.exe and taken selected from lookup instance SQL-server type of "SERVER\MSSQLSERVER" there is an error like "The server was not found or is not available?

If SQL Server was installed by default (without the special name of the instance) to ensure the successful operation bbinstall.exe need only specify the name of the server "SERVER" or IP-address.

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