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2009.11.23 - Comment President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev

In the Annual report of the President of the Russian Federation to Federal Meeting from 11/12/2009 Dmitry Medvedev sayed that: "In one of responses which I have received on known article (" Russia, forwards! ") - it has come from a city of Serpukhov - it is underlined that implementation of such technologies, in particular so-called" the electronic government ", will essentially weaken problems with corruption, will allow to be saved of standing in queues, from expenditure of money and time. It is obviously so".

In Administration of Serpukhov it is implementade  System bb workspace, issuing Government Service is successfully maintained. There came  a response From Administration of Serpukhov  to the President of the Russian Federation that has been sounded on the Annual report.

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