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How to download the current document in the system while working in Microsoft Word?

To use Microsoft Word plug-in, you have to install distribution kit bbwordaddin.msi at computers of each user, who plans to use this feature.

Installer plug-in for Wicrosoft Word is available for download from the Web server BB Software Co. link http://www.bbsoftware.ru/files/bbwordaddin.msi

After installing of the plug-in for Microsoft Word, at the standard menu of Microsoft Word a button "Download bb workspace " will appear. This button let the current open Microsoft Word document  save into the document management system bb workspace without launching of the system.

The new added document appears under account, automatically saved after the lastest logged on. Current Microsoft Word file is automatically placed at the "Document" bookmark.

At the each subsequent use of plug-in to download word-file in the system the values of dropdown fields "initiator", "type", "Artist", "Business" and "project", automatically filled in twith he last used values.

An important condition: to save word-file through the plugin, word-file must first be saved on the local drive of your PC.

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