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2007.02.19 - Comment Eurasian Development Bank (2007)

Eurasian Development Bank to provide electronic document circulation uses the System operational management Bank Business »[Comment: before re-branding it was called bb workspace edition Bank Business Systems ].

Users' operational work with "
operational management system Bank Business" with electronic versions of documents produced in the head office of the bank in Almaty, as well as remotely from Moscow and other cities in the world. Working with electronic documents in a uniform information field allows to reduce essentially time for negotiation and official registration of  documents.

Using different ways to notify users of incoming processing documents (such as system and e-mail) allows you to quickly align the documents and solve tasks.

Ergonomic interface of  "operational management system Bank Business» allows employees and heads of the Bank quickly master the skills of working with the System and electronic documents.
 "The system of operational management Bank Business» allows for a timely launch new workflow processes of the Bank, including adding new types of documents, and quickly set up new routes to their harmonization with the imposition of the Digital Signature.

Despite geographical remoteness of Moscow from Almaty and a difference in time,  technical support system is made remotely from Moscow to the highest level.

Durin expluatation the system the work carried out both within the standard technical support, and further refine the software accurately and clearly.



Eurasian Development Bank (EDB) - an international financial institution established by Russia and Kazakhstan in 2006. Creating EDB represents the realization of the largest integration project in the former of past Soviet Union in the financial and economic sphere. The Bank opened for the entry of new participants to the Agreement Establishing the EDB may join other states and international organizations.

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