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Purpose of the visual layer bb time-management

The visual layer bb time-management is one of the most effective tools, methods to manage time and "to restore order in time" using a PC. Time Management or system of working hours designed for automation of accounting and control of staff time by type of employment.

Using the visual layer bb time-management is able to carry out systematic analysis on the integration time for all staff in the volume of the entire organization, which will determine where the "it took time and where are those reserves that can be used. You can also identify the "weak link".

Sometimes it turns out that this is the place in an organization where people are working in a constant state of "Abraham", but nothing that does not change and thus impeded the work in general. And the reason is often around - waste time on lower priority and less important tasks. The visual layer bb time-management will close the issue with the "brain time" and time, as is known - is money.

The visual layer bb time-management can do the work itself more comfortable, calm and clear, and ultimately, improve efficiency organization as a whole.

Features of the visual layer bb time-management:

  1. Using the stopwatch when performing certain types of work.
  2. Calculating statistics on types of work in the context of the day / week / month / quarter / year.
  3. Expansion of the directory "types of work, both general and personal for each post.
  4. Access rights to the daily reports.
  5. Logging of user actions while editing records, etc.

The visual layer bb time-management is designed as the simplest and most user-friendly tool for the formation of daily reports.

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