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Certification and Competence

Double B passes ISO 9001-2011 certification. In August 2014 the attestation was held for complience with GOST R ISO-9001-2011. To confirm the complience with tthe requirements of GOST R ISO 9001-2011 an audit was done using the system of voluntary certification of 'Certification Test" worked out by Centre of Certification and Quality Control. Double B was certificated by the results of the audit. The ISO 9001:2011 certificaiton confirms that quality control management of the "System of effective management bb workspace" is in complience with the ISO 9001-2011.

EDS bb workspace has also certifications "Compatible with Windows 7" and "Works with Windows Server 2008 R2". In February 2010 Double B was tested to confirm complience with these certifications. Competence comptability with Windows 7 enable users of bb workspace to be sure that the transition of bb workspace to Windows 7 will be smooth and the system will work in this environment, including 64-bit platform. More ...

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