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The magic of the coordination of documents and invoices for payment directly in the MS Outlook calendar

When using Microsoft Exchange 2013 or higher as a mail server, only users of the integrated bb workspace EDC have a unique opportunity to coordinate documents, tasks, invoices for payment and limits on budget-forming articles directly in the interface of their personal MS Outlook calendar using the bb outlook extension (plug-in).

This unique opportunity is presented only in the bb workspace EDS and is a convenient solution for users who are used to managing their work using the MS Outlook email client and the MS Outlook Calendar personal calendar.

The technology used is as follows: users of the bb workspace system, receiving a notification to their mail about the need to agree on a document or invoice now have the opportunity to negotiate electronically not only in the body of the letter itself, but also in the personal calendar. Information in the personal calendar about the need for coordination is added automatically and is also automatically excluded from it if coordination has been made, including via the standard interface of the bb workspace system. When automatically adding to the personal calendar an event about the need for coordination, it remains possible to use the built-in reminders of upcoming events.The ability to coordinate documents and invoices directly in the MS Outlook calendar is a fundamentally new level of user ergonomics when working with documents and planning your working time.

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