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Further development of the functional of the complex system of electronic document flow bb workspace.

Specialists of ZAO "Double B" closely monitor all the changes applied to document flow automation. In recent months, many updated were done in bb workspace to reflect the latest changes in legislation of the Russian Federation. These updates apply to new standards and also they were aimed to make the work more convenience for the users. For example:

  • Implemented the upload of document cards in XML-format as per GOSR-R-53898-2010 "Electronic document management systems. Interaction of document managing systems. Electronic communication requirements." In the context menu registry a point was added "Unload in XML..." when focusing on document card or selection of multiple cards.
  • With an active help of VIP-client, center "Notification Center bb notice" has been created. It allows to configure notifications in various combinations: by visual layers, by system events, by operations, by user's roles. The notification on sent notice has been installed. The configuration of external SMTP and SMS servers is available now. 24h functioning of bb notice provides complete control on all changes in bb workspace database.
  • A standalone module has been implemented to prepare reports of any complexity. This module "Generator of SQL-reports bb report" supports English language.
  • Some updates were done in search tools of the system, including the nested search with different search parameters.
  • New possibilities of tuning were added: individualization of the interface as per users demand, including the folder "Favorites".
  • Work with the Microsoft Word has been optimized - bb plugin - which allows to register documents in bb workspace just from Microsoft Word menu.
  • Ability to quickly create a subsidiary of (order, resolution) at the time of digital signature applying.
  • For users who use technical support system of bb workspace, new updated template album is available, including templates of the ofter required documents.

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